GLFC Publications & Reports

Published Title Author(s)
2017 Fish Community Objectives for Lake Ontario Thomas J. Stewart, Andy Todd, and Steven LaPan
2017 The State of Lake Erie in 2009 Edited by James L. Markham and Roger L. Knight
2017 A Mid-Decade Review of Progress under a Strategic Vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission 2011-2020 Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2016 The State of Lake Superior in 2011 Thomas C. Pratt, Owen T. Gorman, William P. Mattes, Jared T. Myers, Henry R. Quinlan, Donald R. Schreiner, Michael J. Seider, Shawn P. Sitar, Daniel L. Yule, and Peder M. Yurista
2016 Ciscoes (Coregonus, Subgenus Leucichthys) of the Laurentian Great Lakes and Lake Nipigon Randy L. Eshenroder, Paul Vecsei, Owen T. Gorman, Daniel L. Yule, Thomas C. Pratt, Nicholas E. Mandrak, David B. Bunnell , and Andrew M. Muir
2014 The State of Lake Ontario in 2008 Edited by Angela C. Adkinson and Bruce J. Morrison
2014 Model Program for Fish Health Management in the Great Lakes Authors: Phillips, K.A., Noyes, A., Shen, L., and Whelan, G.
2013 The State of Lake Huron in 2010 Edited by Stephen C. Riley
2012 The State of Lake Michigan in 2011 Edited by David B. Bunnell
2011 Strategic Vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission 2011-2020 Edited by Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2011 Acute toxicity of two lampricides, 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) and a TFM:1% niclosamide mixture, to sea lamprey, three species of unionids, haliplid water beetles, and American eel Michael A. Boogaard and Jane E. Rivera
2011 A Field Guide to the Taxonomy of Ciscoes in Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada Andrew M. Muir, Paul Vecsei, and J.D. Reist
2011 Parasites of Fish from the Great Lakes: A Synopsis and Review of the Literature, 1871-2010 Patrick M. Muzzall and Gary Whelan
2010 Status of Walleye in the Great Lakes: Proceedings of the 2006 Symposium Edward Roseman, Patrick Kocovsky and Christopher Vandergoot
2010 The State of Lake Superior in 2005 Edited by Owen T. Gorman, Mark P. Ebener, and Mark R. Vinson
2010 Strategic Plan for Lake Champlain Fisheries J. Ellen Marsden, Brian D. Chipman, Bernie Pientka, William F. Schoch, and Bradley A. Young
2010 Identification of Michigan Fishes Using Cleithra Daniel Traynor, Ashley Moerke and Roger Greil
2010 Genetic Guidelines for the Stocking of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the Great Lakes Basin Amy Welsh, Robert Elliott, Kim Scribner, Henry Quinlan, Edward Baker, Bradley Eggold, J. Marty Holtgren, Charles Krueger and Bernie May
2009 Development of fishing power corrections for 12-m yankee and 21-m wing bottom trawls used in Lake Huron Jean V. Adams, Stephen C. Riley and Sara A. Adlerstein
2009 Standard operating procedures for fisheries acoustic surveys in the Great Lakes Parker-Stetter, S.L., Rudstam, L.G., Sullivan, P.J., and Warner, D.M.
2009 The State of Lake Erie in 2004 Jeffrey T. Tyson, Roy A. Stein, and John M. Dettmers
2008 A Mid-Decade Review of Progress under a "Strategic Vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission for the First Decade of the New Millennium" Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2008 The State of Lake Huron in 2004 Edited by James R. Bence and Lloyd C. Mohr
2008 The State of Lake Michigan in 2005 Edited by David F. Clapp and William Horns
2008 A Strategic Plan for the Rehabilitation of Lake Trout in Lake Erie, 2008-2020 James Markham, Andy Cook, Tom MacDougall and Larry Witzel, Kevin Kayle, Chuck Murray, Michael Fodale, Elizabeth Trometer, Fraser Neave, John Fitzsimons, Jim Francis, Martin Stapanian
2008 A Guide for the Rehabilitation of Lake Trout in Lake Michigan Charles R. Bronte, Charles C. Krueger, Mark E. Holey, Michael L. Toneys, Randy L. Eshenroder, and Jory L. Jonas
2007 A Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries Edited by Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2007 The State of Lake Ontario in 2003 Edited by Bruce J. Morrison and Steven R. LaPan
2007 The State of Lake Superior in 2000 Edited by Mark P. Ebener
2007 Application of a Dichotomous Key to the Classification of Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus Marks on Lake Sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens Holly K. Patrick, Trent M. Sutton, William D. Swink
2006 A Mid-Decade Review of Progress under a "Strategic Vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission for the First Decade of the New Millennium" Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2006 Application of a dichotomous key to the classification of sea lamprey marks on Great Lakes fish Mark P. Ebener, Everett Louis King, Jr., Thomas A. Edsall
2006 Abreviated field sheet: Application of a dichotomous key to the classification of sea lamprey marks on Great Lakes fish Mark P. Ebener, Everett Louis King, Jr., Thomas A. Edsall
2005 A synthesis of ecological and fish-community changes in Lake Ontario, 1970-2000 E.L. Mills, J.M. Casselman, R. Dermott, J.D. Fitzsimons, G. Gal, K.T. Holeck, J.A. Hoyle, O.E. Johannsson, B.F. Lantry, J.C. Makarewicz, E.S. Millard, I.F. Munawar, M. Munawar, R. O?Gorman, R.W. Owens, L.G. Rudstam, T. Schaner, T.J. Stewart
2005 Proceedings of a workshop on the dynamics of lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) and the amphipod Diporeia spp. in the Great Lakes Edited by Lloyd C. Mohr, Thomas F. Nalepa
2005 The state of Lake Michigan in 2000 Edited by?Mark E. Holey, Thomas N. Trudeau
2005 The State of Lake Huron in 1999 Edited by Mark P. Ebener
2003 Fish community goals and objectives for Lake Erie P. A. Ryan, R. Knight, R. MacGregor, G. Towns, R. Hoopes, W. Culligan
2003 Fish community objectives for Lake Superior William H. Horns, Thomas R. Busiahn, Mark P. Ebener, Randy L. Eshenroder, Thomas Gorenflo, Neil Kmiecik, William Mattes, James W. Peck, Michael Petzold, Donald R. Schreiner
2003 A brook trout rehabilitation plan for Lake Superior Edited by Lee E. Newman, Robert B. DuBois, and Theodore N. Halpern (eds)
2003 A Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation Plan for Lake Superior Edited by Nancy A. Auer
2003 A Rehabilitation Plan for Walleye Populations and Habitats in Lake Superior Edited by Michael H. Hoff
2002 Reassessment of the lake trout population collapse in Lake Michigan during the 1940s Randy L. Eshenroder and Kathryn L. Amatangelo
1999 Sensitivity of lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) to the lampricide 3-triflouromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) in field and laboratory exposures. D.A. Johnson, J.W. Weisser, T.D. Bills
1999 Research priorities for lake trout rehabilitation in the Great Lakes:? A 15-year retrospective. R. L. Eshenroder, J.W. Peck,, C. H. Olver
1999 Effects of the lampricide 3-triflouromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) on pH, net oxygen production, and respiration by algae. R.J. Scholefield, K.T. Fredricks,, K.S. Slaght,, J.G. Seelye
1999 Fish community objectives for Lake Ontario. T.J. Stewart, R.E. Lange, S.D. Orsatti, C.P. Schneider, A. Mathers, M.E. Daniels
1998 A Lake Trout Rehabilitation Guide for Lake Huron Edited by Mark P. Ebener
1996 A Lake Trout Restoration Plan for Lake Superior Edited by Michael J. Hansen
1995 Review of Progress under the Strategic Vision Great Lakes Fishery Commission
1995 Early changes in the fish community of Lake Ontario. ? S. H. Smith
1995 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) toxicities to sea lampreys, rainbow trout, and mayfly nymphs in continuous and interrupted 9-H exposures. R. J. Scholefield, J. G. Seelye, K. S. Slaght
1995 Comparison of mark retension and survival of sea lamprey larvae marked by pigment injection and tail clipping.? W. D. Swink, S. B. Morkert, K. S. Slaght
1995 Fish-community objectives for Lake Huron. R. L. DesJardine, T. K. Gorenflo, R. N. Payne, J. D. Schrouder
1995 The state of Lake Huron in 1992 Edited by ?M. P. Ebener
1995 Fish community objectives for Lake Michigan. R. L. Eshenroder, M. E. Holey, T. K. Gorenflo, R. D. Clark, Jr.
1994 An introduction to economic valuation principles for fisheries management. L. G. Anderson
1994 The state of Lake Superior in 1992. Edited by?M. J. Hansen
1994 Walleye-Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Great Lakes Area Peter J. Colby, Cheryl A. Lewis, Randy L. Eshenroder, Robert C. Haas, and Larry J. Hushak
1993 Food of salmonine predators in Lake Superior, 1981-87. D.J. Conner, C.R. Bronte, J. H. Selgeby, H.L. Collins
1993 Great Lakes fish disease control policy and model program.? Edited by J.G. Hnath
1993 Protocol to minimize the risk of introducing emergency disease agents with importation of salmonid fishes from enzootic areas. Edited by?R.W. Horner, R.L. Eshenroder
1993 Toward Integrating Remedial-Action and Fishery-Management Planning in Great Lakes Areas of Concern John H. Hartig
1993 A Survey of Fish-Community and Habitat Goals/Objectives/Targets and Status in Great Lakes Areas of Concern John H. Hartig
1993 What's Next? The Prediction and Management of Exotic Species in the Great Lakes Edward L. Mills, Joseph Leach, Carol L. Secor, and James T. Carlton
1992 Strategic Vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission for the Decade of the 1990s Edited by Great Lakes Fishery Commission
1992 Effect of the lampricide 3- trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol on dissolved oxygen in aquatic systems Verdel K. Dawson, David A. Johnson, John F. Sullivan
1992 Effects of pH on the toxicity of TFM to sea lamprey larvae and nontarget species during a stream treatment. T.D. Bills, D.A. Johnson
1992 Toxicity of 2', 5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide (Bayer 73) to three genera of larval lampreys. ? Ronald J. Scholefield, James G. Seelye
1992 Surficial substrates and bathymetry of five historical lake trout spawning reefs in near-shore waters of the Great Lakes. T. A. Edsall, C L. Brown, G.W. Kennedy, J. R.P. French, III.
1991 Status of walleye in the Great Lakes: case studies prepared for the 1989 workshop. Edited by P.J. Colby, C.A. Lewis, R.L. Eshenroder
1991 Lake Michigan: an ecosystem approach for remediation of critical pollutants and management of fish communities. (Report of a round table sponsored in 1990 by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, the Science Advisory Board of the International Joint Commiss Edited by?R.L. Eshenroder, J.H. Hartig, J.E. Gannon
1991 The state of the Lake Ontario fish community in 1989. Steven J. Kerr, Gerry C. LeTendre
1990 Effects of the lampricide 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol on macroinvertebrate populations in a small stream. H. J. Lieffers
1990 Resistance to 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) in sea lamprey. R. J. Scholefield
1990 Effects of changes in dissolved oxygen on the toxicity of 3- trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) to sea lamprey and rainbow trout. J. G. Seelye, R. J. Scholefield
1990 Fish community objectives for Lake Superior. Edited by?T.R. Busiahn
1990 International position statement and evaluation guidelines for artificial reefs in the Great Lakes. Edited by?J.E. Gannon
1990 Lake Superior: the state of the lake in 1989. Edited by?M.J. Hansen
1990 An ecosystem approach to the integrity of the Great Lakes in turbulent times. (Proceedings of a 1988 workshop supported by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the Science Advisory Board of the International Joint Commission). Edited by?C.J. Edwards, H.A. Regier
1989 A decision support system for the integrated management of sea lamprey. J.F. Koonce, A. B. Locci-Hernandez
1988 Parasites of fishes in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. Edited by S. J. Nepszy
1988 Guide for determining application rates of lampricides for control of sea lamprey ammocetes. J. G. Seelye, D. A. Johnson, J. G. Weise, E. L. King, Jr.
1988 Relation of pH to toxicity of lampricide TFM in the laboratory. T. D. Bills, L. L. Marking, G. E. Howe, J. J. Rach
1988 Sterilizing effect of Cesium-137 irradiation on male sea lampreys released in the Big Garlic River, Michigan. P. J. Manion, L. H. Hanson, M. F. Fodale
1988 Economics of Great Lakes Fisheries: A 1985 assessment D. R. Talhelm
1988 Committee of the Whole workshop on implementation of the Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries (reports and recommendations from the 18-20 February 1986 and 5-6 May 1986 meetings). Edited by?M.R. Dochoda
1988 Age structured stock assessment of Lake Erie walleye? (Report of the July 22-24, 1986 Workshop). R.B. Deriso, S.J. Nepszy, M.R. Rawson
1988 A proposal for a bioassay procedure to assess impact of habitat conditions on lake trout reproduction in the Great Lakes (Report of the ad hoc Committee to Assess the Feasibility of Conducting Lake Trout Habitat Degradation Research in the Great Lakes) . Edited by?R.L. Eshenroder
1988 The international Great Lakes sport fishery of 1980. D.R. Talhelm
1987 A comparison of two methods for the simultaneous determination of TFM and Bayer 73 concentrations. Ronald J. Scholefield
1987 Elimination of 14C-Bisazir residues in adult sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) J. L. Allen, V. K. Dawson
1987 Using the lake trout as an indicator of ecosystem health application of the dichotomous key. T. R. Marshall, R. A. Ryder, C. J. Edwards, G. R. Spangler
1987 Workshop to evaluate sea lamprey populations WESLP (Background papers and proceedings of the August 1985 workshop). Edited by?B.G.H. Johnson
1987 Guidelines for fish habitat management and planning in the Great Lakes. Habitat Planning and Management Task Force and Habitat Advisory Board of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission
1987 Temperature relationships of Great Lakes fishes: A data compilation. D.A. Wismer, A. E. Christie
1986 Pathology of sea lamprey inflicted wounds on rainbow trout. R. E. Kinnunen, H. E. Johnson
1986 The lake trout rehabilitation model: program documentation. C.J. Walters, L.D. Jacobson, G.R. Spangler
1985 Lake Erie fish community workshop (report of the April 4-5, 1979 meeting). Edited by?J. R. Paine, R.B. Kenyon
1985 Overfishing or pollution? Case history of a controversy on the Great Lakes. F. N. Egerton
1985 Response of spawning-phase sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) to a lighted trap. H. A. Purvis, C. L. Chudy, E. L. King, Jr., V. K. Dawson
1985 A prospectus for the management of the Long Point ecosystem. G. R. Francis, A. P. L. Grima, H. A. Regier, T. H. Whillans
1985 Movement and capture of sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) marked in northern Lake Huron, 1981-82. J. W. Heinrich, W. C. Anderson, S. D. Oja
1985 Review of fish species introduced into the Great Lakes, 1819-1974. L. Emery
1985 Population dynamics and interagency management of the bloater (Coregonus hoyi) in Lake Michigan, 1967-1982. E. H. Brown, Jr., R. W. Rybicki, R. J. Poff
1985 Impact of sea lamprey parasitism on the blood features and hemopoietic tissues of rainbow trout. June 1985. R. E. Kinnunen, H. E. Johnson
1985 Toxicity of the lampricides 3- trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) and 2',5-dichloro-4'- nitrosalicylanilide (Bayer 73) to eggs and nymphs of the mayfly (Hexagenia sp.) T. D. Bills, L. L. Marking, J. J. Rach
1985 Solid bars of 3-Trifluoromethyl-4- nitrophenol: a simplified method of applying lampricide to small streams. P. A. Gilderhus
1985 Comparative toxicity of the lampricide 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol to ammocetes of three species of lampreys. E. L. King, Jr., J. A. Gabel
1985 A workshop concerning the application of integrated pest management (IPM) to sea lamprey control in the Great Lakes. Edited by?G.R. Spangler, L.D. Jacobson
1985 Presented papers from the Council of Lake Committees plenary session on Great Lakes predator-prey issues, March 20, 1985. Edited by?R.L. Eshenroder
1985 Great Lakes fish disease control policy and model program. Edited by?J.G. Hnath
1985 Great Lakes Law Enforcement/Fisheries Management Workshop (Report of the 21, 22 September 1983 meeting). Edited by?W.L. Hartman, M.A. Ross
1984 Analysis of the response to the use of Adaptive Environmental Assessment Methodology by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. C.K. Minns, J.M. Cooley, J. E. Forney
1984 Working papers developed at the August 1983 conference on lake trout research. Edited by?R.L. Eshenroder, T.P. Poe, C.H. Olver
1984 Strategies for rehabilitation of lake trout in the Great Lakes: proceedings of a conference on lake trout research, August 1983, August 1984. Edited by R. L. Eshenroder, T. P. Poe, C. H. Olver
1984 Recommendations for standardizing the reporting of sea lamprey marking data. R. L. Eshenroder, J.F. Koonce
1983 A guide to integrated fish health management in the Great Lakes basin (original) Edited by?F.P. Meyer, J.W. Warren, T.G. Carey
1983 Quota management of Lake Erie fisheries. Edited by?J.F. Koonce, D. Jester, B. Henderson, R. Hatch, M. Jones
1982 Green Bay in the future a rehabilitative prospectus. Edited by H. J. Harris, D. R. Talhelm, J. J. Magnuson, A. M. Forbes
1982 Identification of larval fishes of the Great Lakes basin with emphasis on the Lake Michigan drainage. Edited by?N.A. Auer
1982 A review of the adaptive management workshop addressing salmonid/lamprey management in the Great Lakes. Edited by?J.F. Koonce, L. Greig, B. Henderson, D. Jester, K. Minns, G. Spangler
1982 Recommendations for freshwater fisheries research and management from the Stock Concept Symposium (STOCS).? A.H. Berst, G.R. Spangler
1981 A Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries Edited by Great Lakes Fishery Commission
1980 Minimum size limits for yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in western Lake Erie. W. L. Hartman, S. J. Nepszy, R. L. Scholl
1979 Modeling the western Lake Erie walleye population: a feasibility study. B. J. Shuter, J. F. Koonce, H. A. Regier
1979 Walleye stocks in the Great Lakes, 1800-1975; fluons and possible causes. J. C. Schneider, J. H. Leach
1979 Distribution and ecology of lampreys in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan 1957-75. R. H. Morman
1979 Efficacy of antimcin for control of larval sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) in lentic habitats. P.A. Gilderhus
1979 Effects of granular 2', 5-dichloro-4'-nitrosalicylanilide (Bayer 73) on benthic macroinvertebrates in a lake environment. P. A. Gilderhus.
1979 Variations in growth, age of transformation, and sex ratio of sea lampreys reestablished in chemically treated tributaries of the upper Great Lakes. H. A. Purvis
1979 Rehabilitating Great Lakes ecosystems. Edited by G. R. Francis, J. J. Magnuson, H. A. Regier, D. R. Talhelm
1979 Annotated list of the fishes of the Lake Ontario watershed. E. J. Crossman, H. D. Van Meter
1979 Illustrated field guide for the classification of sea lamprey attack marks on Great Lakes lake trout. E.L. King, T.A. Edsall
1978 Chemosterilization of the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus). L. H. Hanson, P. J. Manion
1978 Biology of larval and metamorphosing sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) of the 1960 year class in the Big Garlic River, Michigan, Part II, 1966-72. P. J. Manion, B. R. Smith
1975 Changes in the lake trout population of southern Lake Superior in relation to the fishery, the sea lamprey, and stocking, 1950-70. R. L. Pycha, G. R. King
1974 Control of the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in Lake Superior, 1953-70. B. R. Smith, J. J. Tibbles, B. G. H. Johnson
1974 Movement and recapture of parasitic-phase sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) tagged in the St. Marys River and Lakes Huron and Michigan, 1963-67. H. H. Moore, F. H. Dahl, A. K. Lamsa
1973 Microbial degradation of the lamprey larvicide 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol in sediment-water systems. L. L. Kempe
1973 Lake Superior A case history of the lake and its fisheries. A. H. Lawrie, J. F. Rahrer
1973 Lake Michigan Man's effects on native fish stocks and other biota. L. Wells, A. L. McLain
1973 Lake Huron The ecology of the fish community and man's effects on it. A. H. Berst, G. R. Spangler
1973 Effects of exploitation, environmental changes, and new species on the fish habitats and resources of Lake Erie. W. L. Hartman
1973 A review of the changes in the fish species composition of Lake Ontario. W. J. Christie
1973 Some impacts of man on Kootenay Lake and its salmonoids. T. G. Northcote
1973 Lake Opeongo The ecology of the fish community and of man's effects on it. N. V. Martin, F. E. J. Fry
1972 New parasite records for Lake Erie fish. A. O. Dechtiar.
1971 Biology of larval sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) of the 1960 year class, isolated in the Big Garlic River, Michigan, 1960-1965. P. J. Manion, A. L. McLain
1969 Limnological survey of Lake Ontario, 1964 (five papers). H. F. Allen, J. F. Reinwand, R. E. Ogawa, J. K. Hiltunen, L. Wells
1969 The ecology and management of the walleye in western Lake Erie. H. A. Regier, V. C. Applegate, R. A. Ryder in collaboration with J. V. Manz, R. G. Ferguson, H. D. Van Meter, D. R. Wolfert
1968 Population characteristics and physical condition of alewives, Alosa pseudoharengus, in a massive dieoff in Lake Michigan, 1967. E. H. Brown, Jr.
1967 Physical limnology of Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron. A. M. Beeton, S. H. Smith, F. F. Hooper
1966 Substituted nitrosalicylanilides: A new class of selectively toxic sea lamprey larvicides. R. J. Starkey, J. H. Howell
1966 The relation between molecular structure and biological activity among mononitrophenols containing halogens. V. C. Applegate, B. G. H. Johnson, M. A. Smith
1965 Experimental control of sea lampreys with electricity on the south shore of Lake Superior, 1953-60. A. L. McLain, B. R. Smith, H. H. Moore
1965 Detection and measurement of organic lampricide residues. S. L. Daniels, L. L. Kempe, T. J. Billy, A. M. Beeton
1964 Synergism of 5, 2'-dichloro-4'-nitro-salicylanilide and 3-trifluormethyl-4-nitrophenol in a selective lamprey larvicide. J. H. Howell, E. L. King, Jr., A. J. Smith, L. H. Hanson
1963 Limnological survey of Lake Erie 1959 and 1960. November 1963. A. M. Beeton
1963 The use of alkalinity and conductivity measurements to estimate concentrations of 3-Ttrifluormethyl-4-nitrophenol required for treating lamprey streams. R. K. Kanayama
1962 Collection and analysis of commercial fishery statistics in the Great Lakes. R. Hile
1962 Estimation of the brook and sea lamprey ammocoete populations of three streams. B. R. Smith, A. L. McLain
1961 Fishery statistical districts of the Great Lakes. S. H. Smith, H. J. Buettner, R. Hile
1961 Use of 3-trifluormethyl-4-nitrophenol as a selective sea lamprey larvicide. V. C. Applegate, J. H. Howell, J. W. Moffett, B. G. H. Johnson, M. A. Smith