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Sea Lamprey Research Program

Purpose of Program

To conduct research that will provide the information needed to further the integrated management of sea lampreys, including the development of novel, effective strategies for their control.

Type of Research

Biological, ecological, and management-related research on sea lampreys and their effects on Great Lakes fish communities and fisheries is supported. Descriptions of research theme areas are available for review below.  Theme areas include Assessment, Barriers and Trapping, Lampricides, and Chemosensory Communications. Research projects that do not fit into an existing theme area are supported under the category Non-Theme Research. Highly meritorious concepts, not connected to existing theme areas may be funded. Additionally, the Sea Lamprey Control Board has identified a number of important research questions relevant to sea lamprey control in the Great Lakes.


Projects range from U.S.$10,000 to U.S.$100,000 per year. The average award ranges from U.S.$35,000-$50,000 per year. Most projects are 2-3 years in duration. Annual funding available for Sea Lamprey Research Program projects is typically $500,000. For more information, review the current call for proposals.

Program Administration

Secretariat staff and the commission’s Sea Lamprey Research Board (SLRB) administer research funded under this category.


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