A Guide to Integrated Fish Health Management in the Great Lakes Basin

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1. The Nature of Fish Diseases - J. W. Warren

2. The Role of Improved Husbandry Practices - R. H. Griffiths and J. W. Waren

3. Planning A Fish Health Program for Hatchery Management - D. B. Goldthwaite and T. G. Carey


4. Considerations in Hatchery Design for the Prevention of Diseases - H. Westers

5. Selection of Water Supplies - J. B. Daily and P. Economon

6. Water Supply Sanitation - A. J. Sippel

7. Stock and Yearclass Separation - R. Poynter

8. Nutrition and Fish Health - C. Y. Cho

9. Genetics and Fish Health - V. A. Mudrak

10. Stocking Practices and Disease Control - R. H. Griffiths

11. Routine Fish Disease Monitoring - L. L. Pettijohn

12. Chemotherapy - R. W. Horner

13. Immunization with Vaccines - B. W. Souter

14. Hatchery Disinfection and Disposal of Infected Stocks - J. G. Hnath


15. Regional Control of Communicable Diseases of Fish - T. G. Carey


16. Synthesis of a Fish Health Management Program - J. W. Waren


17. Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis - J. W. Warren

18. Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis - J. G. Hnath

19. Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia - J. W. Warren

20. Bacterial Gill Disease - J. H. Schachte

21. Bacterial Kidney Disease - J. W. Warren

22. Coldwater Disease - J. H. Schachte

23. Columnaris Disease - J. H. Schachte

24. Enteric Redmouth Disease - J. W. Warren

25. Furunculosis - J. H. Schachte

    Additional References:
    Furunculosis (Oregon State University Fish Disease Class Web Site)

26. Ceratomyxosis - J. G. Hnath

27. Whirling Disease - J. G. Hnath

28. Proliferative Kidney Disease of Salmonids - A. J. Sippel and H. W. Ferguson

    Additional References:
    PKD (United Kingdom)

29. Early Mortality Syndrome (new)

30. Infectious Salmon Anemia (new)

    ISA (Oregon State University Fish Disease Class Web Site)

31. Piscirickettsia salmonis (new)

32. Swim Bladder Sarcoma Virus of Atlantic Salmon (new)


Appendix I - Training and Information Needs - R. W. Ritzert

Appendix II - Common and Scientific Names of Selected Fishes

Appendix III - Great Lakes Model Fish Disease Control Program

Glossary of Fish Health Terms


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United States Department of Agriculture

Fish Health Organizations

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