Norman S. Baldwin, Robert W. Saalfeld,
Margaret Ross Dochoda, Howard J. Buettner, and Randy L. Eshenroder

Updated: December 2009

Commercial fish catch data (called production) were first published by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission in 1962 (Technical Report No.3) and covered the period 1867-1960. A supplement covering the years 1961-1968 was released in 1970, and a revised edition covering the years 1867-1977 was published in 1979. This second update of a web-based version covers the period 1867-2006, but also has more-recent data where available. It will be updated at five-year intervals, and is intended for open use by the public. We ask only that the Commission be acknowledged when these records are used in presentations and publications.

Citation: Baldwin, N. A., R. W. Saalfeld, M. R. Dochoda, H. J. Buettner, and R.L. Eshenroder. 2009. Commercial Fish Production in the Great Lakes 1867-2006 [online]. Available from

Notes on Statistics
Fish Weight Conventions

You can download data in either Microsoft Excel or Access format (Right click the link and save to local disk).
Production amounts have been rounded to the nearest thousand pounds.

  Erie Ontario Huron Superior Michigan St. Clair All Lakes
Excel  erie.xls ontario.xls huron.xls superior.xls michigan.xls stclair.xls commercial.xls
Access  Erie.mdb Ontario.mdb Huron.mdb Superior.mdb Michigan.mdb StClair.mdb Commercial.mdb
Maps erie.pdf ontario.pdf huron.pdf superior.pdf michigan.pdf stclair.pdf commercial.pdf

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