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2024 Lake Michigan Harvest Report 2023 Lake Michigan Technical Committee
2019 Comparison of Continuous and Interrupted Lampricide Block Toxicity to Sea Lamprey and Lake Sturgeon Sea Lamprey Research Program
2019 Effects of Water Alkalinity, pH, and Dosing Regimen on Lake Sturgeon Sensitivity to the Lampricide, 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM Sea Lamprey Research Program
2017 Meet the Fleet: GLFC-USGS Partnership Makes Waves with Newly Renovated Deepwater Science Vessel Fleet Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2016 Crime Stoppers and Great Lakes Fishery Commission Take Steps To Stop Illegal Lake Strugeon Trade Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2016 Sensitive periods of olfactory imprinting in Lake Sturgeon Fishery Research Program
2015 Relative effects of lampricide exposure versus sea lamprey predation on lake sturgeon population viability in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Sea Lamprey Research Program
2014 Great Lakes Law Enforcement Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2013 In situ assessment of lampricide toxicity to age-0 Lake Sturgeon Sea Lamprey Research Program
2010 Genetic Guidelines for the Stocking of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the Great Lakes Basin Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2009 A comparison of genetic diversity at the major histocompatibility complex in hatchery-produced and wild lake sturgeon Fishery Research Program
2009 Development of a stable isotope marking technique for early life stages of lake sturgeon Fishery Research Program
2009 Passage options for walleye and lake sturgeon at the dam site on the Black Sturgeon River, Lake Superior, Canada Sea Lamprey Research Program
2008 Ontario's new lake sturgeon initiative designed to rehabilitate a native species, stop illegal trafficking Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2008 Assessment of the Population Genetic Structure of Lake Sturgeon Fishery Research Program
2008 Avoidance behavior of juvenile lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) exposed to Bayluscide 3.2% granular sea lamprey larvicide. Sea Lamprey Research Program
2007 Great Lakes sturgeon found vulnerable to sea lamprey predation Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2007 Application of a Dichotomous Key to the Classification of Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus Marks on Lake Sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2007 Host-size selection and lethality of sea lamprey on lake sturgeon Sea Lamprey Research Program
2003 A Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation Plan for Lake Superior Great Lakes Fishery Commission
2003 Effects of mortality sources on population viability of lake sturgeon: A stage-structured model approach Sea Lamprey Research Program
1999 Sensitivity of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) to the Lampricide 3-Triflouromethyl-4-Nitrophenol (TFM) in Field and Laboratory Exposures Great Lakes Fishery Commission
1998 Duration of river residence of newly-hatched lake sturgeon: Implications for sea lamprey control Sea Lamprey Research Program
1997 Movements of walleye and lake sturgeon in the Bad River, Wisconsin, with regard to potential sea lamprey barrier sites Sea Lamprey Research Program
1989 Annual Report of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (1989) Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Lake Sturgeon with Sea Lamprey Wounds
Lake Sturgeon
Sturgeon Research Vessel
Lake Sturgeon
Lake Sturgeon Mouth
Juvenile Lake Sturgeon
Lake Sturgeon
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Lake Sturgeon, Historical
Lake Sturgeon Assessment
Measuring Lake Sturgeon
Lake Sturgeon Assessment
Recording Data on Lake Sturgeon
Setting Lake Sturgeon Lines
Pulling in Lake Sturgeon
Tagging Lake Sturgeon
Lake Sturgeon Spawning