We need your help!

Sea lampreys invaded the upper Great Lakes in the early 20th century and wreaked havoc on the fishery. The average sea lamprey can eat up to 40 pounds of Great Lakes fish. If the lamprey does not kill the fish directly, the fish is often left with gruesome, life-threatening wounds.

Fortunately, sea lampreys can be managed. For fifty years, sea lamprey control crews have reduced populations by 90% in many areas. However, sea lamprey control is ongoingólampreys have invaded every nook and cranny of the Great Lakes and eradication is impossible.

Part of a successful control program is understanding how many sea lampreys are in the lakes and where they are. This is where Great Lakes fishers can play a key role: they can serve as Lamprey Hunters! With your help, we can learn where lampreys are and better target control. We appreciate your participation in the Lamprey Hunters program.

Thank you!

Great Lakes Fishery Commission