TITLE:The Lake Huron Technical Committee (LHTC)


Chair:  From any member agency as selected by the LHC, however, if consensus on a chair cannot be achieved, it will be the responsibility of the agency chairing the Lake Huron Committee to provide a chair for the LHTC.

Members: A maximum of two representatives from each fish management and
research agency, with legislated or mandated policy and
implementation obligations for fish management on the Great Lakes,
as follows:

  • Chippewa/Ottawa Treaty Fishery Management Authority (COTFMA)
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR)
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) . Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO)
  • United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • United States Geological Survey - Biological Resources Division (BRD)

         In addition, one representative from:
  • Canadian Sea Lamprey Control (DFO)
  • U.S. Sea Lamprey Control (USFWS)
  • Great Lakes Fish Health Committee - liaison position

    Resource Persons: Any number as required from any agency or institution as
    selected by the LHC or the LHTC Chair.

    PURPOSE: To conduct work assignments as requested by the LHC including:

    1) Providing agencies represented on the LHC with technical information, management alternatives, and guidelines useful in making fishery management decisions;

    2)  Reviewing proposed work assignments with the LHC and agreeing on work to be conducted;

    3) Completing assignments as agreed upon and reporting back to the LHC at its annual meeting;

    4) Arranging for resource persons to assist the LHTC as required;

    5) Recommending to the LHC the need for the formation of a specialized task group to address a specific issue outside of the scope of the LHTC;

    6) Coordinating activities with such task groups or other task groups to ensure task completion and avoid duplication;

    7)  Advising the LHC of additional funding or other requirements as needed;

    8)  Providing, at the direction of the LHC, annual and State of the Lake Reports to LHC members;

    9)  In consultation with the LHC, propose and develop projects pertinent to Lake Huron fisheries.

    AGENCY COMMITMENTS: To ensure accomplishment of Lake Committee objectives and assignments, agencies are encouraged to commit appropriate personnel and resources as regular components of agency work plans. Additional commitment may be necessary to complete tasks related to the Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries (e.g. State of the Lake Report, Environmental Objectives). Work assignments shall be distributed between members as equally as possible and in a manner consistent with their expertise.

    CONSENSUS APPROACH: Issues are resolved by consensus of the members. If consensus cannot be achieved on an issue, then it will be referred to the LHC for resolution.

    FREOUENCY OF MEETINGS: As deemed necessary by the LHTC members or the LHC, with the intent to meet bi-annually.

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