Table of Contents                                                            Part 1


Acknowledgements                                                                                           i


Preface                                                                                             ii


Introduction                                                                                                          1


How to Use the Aquaculture Environmental Assessment Tool   6


Supporting Text


I.            Determination of Pathway                                                                                   8


II.            Assessment of Suitable Environment                                                                 13                   

III.       Effects on Other Lake Users                                                                           16


IV.       Disease Effects                                                                                      20


V.        Impacts on Recovery or Rehabilitation Plans                                                    25


VI.       Impacts on Areas of Concern                                                                                   27


VII.      Effects of Settleable Solids on Benthos and Shellfish                                    32


VIII.     Impacts on Breeding Areas, Nurseries and Fish-eating Animals                        38


IX.       Water Quality and Cumulative Impacts                                                            49


X.        Impacts of Facility and Infrastructure                                                                45


XI.       Genetic Effects                                                                                      47


Optional Precautionary Plans                                                                       66


Monitoring                                                                                                   67


Summary Documentation Worksheet                                                 68                                  

Glossary                                                                                                          77


References                                                                                                        80