Annual Report of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission


1984 News Briefs



    Canadian Section:                            U.S. Section:
    Patrick S. Chamut                            William P. Horn, Vice-Chair
    Kenneth H. Loftus, Chair                  W. Mason Lawrence
    Henry A. Regier                               James Ridenour
    Gary C. Vernon                                Claude Ver Duin

Sea Lamprey Management and Research


Fishery Management, Environment and Research




Committee Action, Resolutions, and Reports


Lake Committees


Board of Technical Experts


Great Lakes Fish Disease Control Committee


Habitat Advisory Board



1984 Budget

The commission received the following funds from the United States and Canada (in U.S. dollars):

                                        UnitedStates    Canada,         Total
Total                                   $4,354,000      $2,204,889      $6,558,889

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