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Fourth level
Fifth level
-Sturgeon and walleye migrated up to the mouth of the North Branch, about 115 miles upstream from Lk Huron
Used Sturg_bonus legend for color scheme
Low- 10-11
Med- 12-14
High- 15-18
grad- m=6, l=4, vl=1
size- vl=6, l=4, m=2, s= 0
temp- c=1; , km,kh, or wh = 2;  kl, wm, or wl = 4
bonus= sum of above scores for a segment + 2 if grad and size each score >3
Add helicopter woody debris slide
- lake sturgeon corroborates lake sturgeon rehab strategy
- Whelan stuff is from review of literature
-## of chinook and steelhead we stock into Lake Huron