Environmental Assessment Tool for Aquaculture in the Great Lakes Basin Version 1.2. 
by Deborah J. Brister and Anne R. Kapuscinski.

Suggested citation:
Brister, D.J., and Kapuscinski, A.R. 2002. Environmental  assessment tool for aquaculture in the Great  Lakes Basin Version 1.2.  Great Lakes Fishery Commission Misc. Rep. [online] URL http://www.glfc.org/pubs/pub.htm#misc.

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Accepted Species for Great Lakes 12-01-01.xls

Glossary 12-01-01.doc


Merged Introduction and How to Use 12-01-01.doc

Preface 12-01-01.doc

References Final Land and Lake based 12-01-01.doc

Section I. Determination Pathway 12-01-01.doc

Section II. uitable Environment Flowchar 12-01-01.doc

Section III. Other Users 12-01-01.doc

Section IV. Disease Effects 12-01-01.doc

Section IX. Water Quality and Cumulative Impacts 12-01-01.doc

Section VI. Area of Concern 12-01-01.doc

Section V. Recovery or Rehabilitation Plans 12-01-01.doc

Section VII. Benthos Flowchart 12-01-01.doc

Section VIII. Breeding, Nurseries 12-01-01.doc

Section X Facility Infrastructure 12-01-01.doc

Section XI. Genetics 12-01-01.doc

Section XII. Facility Connection 12-01-01.doc

Section XIII. GEO's Flowcharts 12-01-01.doc

Section XIV. Disease Flowcharts 12-01-01.doc

Section XV. Effluent Flowcharts 12-01-01.doc

Section XVI. Habitat Alteration Flowcharts 12-01-01.doc

Section XVII. Water Source Flowcharts 12-01-01.doc

Summary Documentation Example Land-based 12-01-01.doc

Summary Documentation Examples Lake-based 12-01-01.doc

Summary Documentation Merged 12-01-01.doc

Support Text Merged Lake and Land-based 12-01-01.doc

Title, Acknowledgements and Table of Contents Part One 12-1-01.doc

Title, Table of Contents Part Two Flowcharts 12-01-01.doc